Air conditioning

Air conditioning is now common place in all BMWs and MINIs. It is a vital system that is used in both hot and cold weather conditions to ensure that you and your passengers are kept at a comfortable temperature, whatever the weather.
The AC system works hard to sustain the interior temperature of your BMW/MINI as well as filtering out pollen and dust and minimising condensation. All air conditioning systems leak over a period of time, to a lesser or greater degree especially if the system is used infrequently.

When the system has a leak, this can make the operation less efficient. You may find that in hotter temperatures the system does not cool you effectively, or in colder times you have a condensation build up. Periodic checking and restoring of the system is needed to get the best out of your air conditioning, and here at Tuner Automotive we offer two services;

Air conditioning re-charge
An air conditioning charge ensures that the systems gas levels (R134a) are running correctly and that there are no leaks.

The re-charge includes the following:

• Draining of all old gas and oil
• Vacuum testing to ensure that there are no leaks in the system, and that all moisture is removed from internally
• Checking the system for leaks
• Re-charging the gas and lubricant
• Checking the operating pressures

Air conditioning re-fresh

With an air conditioning refresh, the entire system including the evaporator is decontaminated. This ensures that any bacteria that has built up over the years is eliminated, ensuring that your AC system is disinfected and clean. If you ever get a smell from your AC, or if you simply would like your system refreshing, then get in touch!