Electrical troubleshooting & fault finding

At Turner Automotive we understand that electrical gremlins can appear in your vehicle from time to time. The worst type is the intermittent faults that happen very infrequently and are often not present when you take your car into the garage for repair.
Our Master Technician Barrie Rowles has spent over 7 years working in the BMW Technical Office at BMW’s head office as a Product Engineer where he has been dealing with technical inquiries from the entire BMW network in the UK and Ireland problem solving faults that technicians have been unable to rectify. With this amount of experience we have seen many of the same type of faults and often can identify trends in a particular model or engine variant that we can go straight to instead of spending hours of time with costly unnecessary diagnosis.

If you have a particular fault or electrical gremlin which is proving difficult to locate or rectify pop in or call us today on 0208 894 0000.