Turner Autos are amazing!
September 23, 2016

Saved my bacon!

Barrie at Turner Automotive has saved my bacon on several occasions when I have had issues with my previous BMW Z4 and my current 1 series coupe. My most recent episode was with my 1 Series which required a complete engine rebuild due to the timing chain snapping. My car broke down on the way to work one morning, and I had the car recovered and taken to Turner Automotive where I knew Barrie would provide a better service than BMW would. He had the engine stripped completely where he confirmed the timing chain had snapped, and showed me the other components of the engine that had also been damaged in the process. Luckily I wasn’t driving fast so the damage to the engine was repairable and did not require a complete new engine replacement! Over the next few days, Barrie rebuilt the engine so it was good as new – literally. I drove the car away knowing that it was 100% fixed to the highest of standards but at a far lesser cost than a main dealer would have charged me, and knew that I had received the most genuine, honest, trustworthy service of all. I would highly recommend Barrie with any repair for your BMW – no matter how big or small, you literally won’t get a better service!